Born Rite Streetwear & Better Dayz Clothing - Respect To Chicago

Through all my travels, I have discovered that I am a West Coast girl, totally. It doesn't mean I lack respect for other cities and towns. The coldest winter I spent was a New Years Eve in Chicago. I was the one tanned girl, huddled in the corner of each pub, wrapped in various coats and scarves trying to warm my frozen bones. My thought was, "dang, I respect these people in this cold!" The time I spent in Chicago, aside from the bone biting cold, was an awesome experience. Each place I went to was better then the last. People were friendly, fun and welcoming. The food was right up my food snob ally and worthy of Instagram posts. The live music was in abundance and played with passion; which is my favorite kind of music! Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul...It's all there, waiting to be discovered.

I got to learn about the local life of Chi-town and all its diversity. What I found was that people were proud of their town, regardless of any negativity from individuals or press. Chicago was full of open minded, hard working and successful souls. I dig that.

Born Rite Streetwear - Chicago Born was created with these people in mind. Wear it with love, Chi-Town. =)

Born Rite Streetwear & Better Dayz Clothing

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